About Us

I remember when the feeling when I got first waist beads put on at a family reunion 5 years ago. I chose the colors that represented prosperity, fertility, hope & joyous energy. As my aunt wrapped them around my hips, I remember feeling beautiful & cultured. I created V's Beads because to give that same feeling to women. 

Waist beads have been worn for centuries in many West African cultures. Traditionally waist beads are worn around your panty-line and are meant to only be seen by your lover. They symbolized rites of passage, celebration of womanhood and spirituality. 

V's Beads specializes in making waist beads for all shapes and sizes. I truly enjoy making custom creations for people all over the country. All of my waist beads are handmade by me, using quality material.  

Women wear waist beads for a variety of reasons including cultural tradition, weight awareness & adornment. Wrapping a pair of waist beads around your body can serve as a reminder to love & embrace your body.

Since creating V's Beads I have tapped further into my gift of jewelry making and I also enjoy making anklets, bracelets & earrings. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

- VictoriaVictoria L Stark